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Drivers are the most influential factor affecting safety, efficiency and economy (fuel consumption and wear and tear) of the modern fleet. Questek’s comprehensive solutions provide fleet managers with full control over all aspects of fleet management – vehicles and drivers.  The critical information received via the unique combined G-sensor and vehicle’s computers allows fleet managers to pin-point problematic drivers immediately and take the necessary action to improve driver skills and behaviour making them safer and more economic on the road.

Based on proprietary technology and combining vehicle and driver diagnostics, the solution provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time alerts and detailed reports that improve driving behavior and vehicle health. Questek Telematics’ open innovation platform combines accurate G-force sensor readings and direct connectivity to the vehicle’s CANBUS networks that translates micro-messages into real-time event alerts and comprehensive driver profile analysis reporting.
Questek Telematics complex technology yet simple solution translates into real-time fleet management and real-time savings on five continents and in 35 countries worldwide.

The system’s differentiates itself from all other fleet management solutions as it has the unique ability to take messages and protocols and interpret them using expertly formulated cross referencing techniques to determine if events of safety or mechanical malfunction are present or developing.  Thus providing fleet operators with:

·     Real-time notification of dangerous and aggressive driving
·     Real-time driver mechanical and technical behaviour
·     Real-time detection of mechanical maintenance and/or failure forpreventative maintenance
Real-time monitoring and control of your fleet

Traffilog puts your fleet miles ahead
Manage your fleet effectively 
Questek Telematics - exclusive distributor of Traffilog in South Africa

Questek Telematics analyses and filters relevant critical data from the vehicle to provide real-time knowledge that enables fleet managers to:

·       Reduce fuel consumption by an average of 14%
·       Cut vehicle downtime by an average of 38%
·       Decrease the number of road accidents by up to 70%
·       Increase the lifetime of your tyres, brake sets, clutches and gears and racking up saving of up to
​        50%
                                                                   ·       Dramatically reduce carbon footprint and vehicle running costs

Fleet owners on 5 continents and in 35 countries are benefitting from customised, open innovation telematics that save money, improve efficiencies, dramatically improve safety and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

See how these global fleet OWNERS have achieved substantial savings and improved efficiencies